Arrow Making

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What Making An Arrow Provides the Family

1. Helps parents be intentional about providing an environment of God (love) in the home.
2. A shared family experience of good conversation, eye contact, prayer, and fun.
3. An opportunity to share thoughts and concerns regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your family.
4. Fosters security in knowing your family’s true identity in Christ.
5. A recurring event for the family to embrace that becomes a tradition handed down to your children, grandchildren, and the generations that follow.

​To describe the dynamic that takes place while spending time making an arrow is a challenge. A friend of mine once said, “I can explain it to you, I can’t comprehend it for you.” To see it and to experience it is to believe it. It is all the things listed above and more. In his book, “The Good Dad,” Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, describes times like this as moments where the influence of Christ is present. When a dad is engaged and fully there, it is a moment that a son or daughter remembers. It provides the dad the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of his child. It creates a safe environment for kids to be honest and transparent in expressing their feelings without fear of punishment. It helps everyone in the family learn how to celebrate God and His influence on each one of us. It provides an intentional and comfortable way for a dad and mom to lead their family, emotionally and spiritually. The message and the moment work together and are inseparable. Making an arrow helps loosen tongues and gets the good conversation rolling. To make an arrow takes some effort but it is worth it. It makes a way for us to do something very important with our family, yet a lot of fun. Making an arrow gives you and your children something to do that is fun and doesn’t cost a lot. The moment is critical to know your family and who each member of your family is, in Christ, and who they are becoming. That is the beauty of making an arrow. It helps us discover God’s purpose for our lives and get a better understanding of who He wants us to be in Christ.

How to Begin

When we begin an arrow-making session at Thriving Oaks, we don’t assume everyone in the group is a believer. We try to keep it simple to build a very basic foundation of belief. So, we begin by talking about creation. What you believe about the creation of the world determines what you may or may not believe about God. What you believe about God determines everything in your life including choices in friends and how we spend our time. So often, we are intimidated by those who challenge our faith because of our lack of bible knowledge. That is just a lie the enemy uses to keep us convinced, we don’t have what it takes to be confident in expressing truth in what we believe. Romans 1:20 is the only verse you need to know, for now, to defend what you believe about creation. “Because of what has been made, man is without excuse.” The evidence of supernatural design is all around us in what God has made. We talk about how our creator designed the members of our body to work together. There is a tremendous amount of information online that can add to this narrative. We play a video by Brian Doerksen, “Creation Calls,” which is amazing, beautiful, and the lyrics are powerful. There are several versions on youtube. I like the one without lyrics because you can understand the words and the lyrics on the screen tend to distract from the beauty of the video. Make sure you keep it simple. We try to keep the words we speak to a minimum. We use video and songs and we ask questions. “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williamson and “You Say” by Lauren Daigle are two of the songs we play. We like the lyric version so each person can meditate on the words. Here are some of the questions. Age of the group will determine what questions we ask.
1. When you hear the name of God, what are your thoughts?
2. Who is Jesus?
3. Who in your life has the most influence on what you believe about
4. What is my purpose for living?
5. What am I good at?

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Who God Says I Am

What we believe about ourselves should come from One source, the Word of God. Following are 75 verses that tell each one of us the truth about who we are, as designed by our Creator God. Our heavenly Father loves you, wants to know you and desires to be known by you. These scriptures will all speak to you but there will be select ones that will touch you to your core. As you pray, allow these verses to marinate in your innermost being. As you apply these truths to your arrow, God will give you clarity in knowing who you truly are. To see it is to believe it. Live abundantly in God’s truth. He is love.

1. I have been healed (ISA 53:5)
2. I am the salt of the earth (MATT 5:13)
3. I am the light of the world (MATT 5:14)
4. I am commissioned to make disciples (MATT 28:19,20)
5. I am a child of God (JOHN 1:12)
6. I have eternal life (JOHN 10:27)
7. I have been given peace (JOHN 14:27)
8. I am a branch, Jesus is the vine (JOHN 15:1,5)
9. I am clean (JOHN 15:3)
10. I am Christ’s friend (JOHN 15:15)
11. I am chosen and appointed by Christ to bear fruit (JOHN 15:16)
12. I have been given glory (JOHN 17:22)
13. I have been justified…completely forgiven and made
righteous.(ROM 5:1)
14. I died with Christ & to the power of sin in my life (ROM 6:1-6)
15. I am free forever from condemnation (ROM 8:1)
16. I am a joint heir with Christ, sharing His inheritance (ROM 8:17)
17. I am more than a conqueror through Christ, who loves
me (ROM 8:37)
18. I have been sanctified and called to holiness (1 COR 1:2)
19. I have been given grace in Christ Jesus (1COR 1:4)
20. I have received the Spirit of God into my life that I might know the things freely given to me by God (1 COR 2:12)

21. I have been given the mind of Christ (1 COR 2:16)
22. I am a temple…a dwelling place…of God His Spirit and
His life dwell in me (1 COR 3:16; 6:19)
23. I am united to the Lord & am one spirit with Him (1 COR 6:17)
24. I am bought with a price; I am not my own; I belong to
God (1 COR 6:19,20; 7:23)
25. I am called (1 COR 7:17)
26. I am a member of Christ’s Body (1 COR 12:27; EPH 5:30)
27. I am victorious through Jesus Christ (1 COR 15:57)

28. I have been given to the Holy Spirit as a pledge guaran-
teeing my inheritance to come (2 COR 1:21; EPH 1:13,14)

29. I am being changed into the likeness of Christ (2 COR 3:18)
30. I no longer live for myself, but for Christ (2 COR 5:14,15)
31. I am a new creation (2 COR 5:17)
32. I am reconciled to God & am a minister of reconciliation
(2 COR 5:18,19)
33. I have been made righteous (2 COR 5:21)
34. I am given strength in exchange for weakness (2 COR 12:10)
35. I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but
Christ lives in me The life I now live is Christ’s life (GAL 2:20)

36. I am an heir of God since I am a son of God (GAL 4:6,7)
37. I am a saint (EPH 1:1; 1 COR 1:2; PHIL 1:1; COL 1:2)
38. I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing (EPH 1:3)
39. I was chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world
to be holy and am without blame before Him (EPH 1:4)
40. I was predestined…to be adopted as God’s son (EPH 1:5)
41. I have been sealed with the Holy Spirit (EPH 1:13)

42. I have been made alive together with Christ (EPH 2:5)
43. I am God’s workmanship…His handiwork…born anew in
Christ to do His work (EPH 2:10)
44. I have direct access to God through the Spirit (EPH 2:18)
45. I am a fellow citizen with the rest of God’s family (EPH 2:19)

46. I may approach God with boldness, freedom, & confi-
dence (EPH 3:12)

47. I am capable (PHIL 4:13)
48. I have been redeemed and forgiven of all my sins The
debt against me has been canceled (COL 1:14)
49. I am blameless and free from accusation (COL 1:22)
50. Christ Himself is in me (COL 1:27)
51. I am rooted in Christ & am being built up in Him (COL 2:7)
52. I have been made complete in Christ (COL 2:10)
53. I have been buried, raised, and made alive with Christ
(COL 2:12,13)
54. I am an expression of the life of Christ (COL 3:4)
55. I am chosen of God, holy & dearly loved (COL 3:12; 1 THESS 1:4)
56. I am a son of light and not of darkness (1 THESS 5:5)
57. I have been given a spirit of power, love, & self-discipline
(2 TIM 1:7)
58. I have been saved and set apart (2 TIM 1:9; TITUS 3:5)
59. Because I am sanctified and am one with the Sanctifier,
He is not ashamed to call me brother (HEB 2:11)
60. I am a holy partaker of a heavenly calling (HEB 3:1)
61. I have the right to come boldly before the throne of God
to find mercy and grace in a time of need (HEB 4:16)
62. I have been born again (1 PETER 1:23)
63. I am one of God’s living stones, being built up in Christ
as a spiritual house (1 PETER 2:5)
64. I am a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a People for God’s
own possession (1 PETER 2:9,10)

65. I am an alien and stranger to this world in which I tempo-
rarily live (1 PETER 2:11)

66. I am an enemy of the devil (1 PETER 2:11)

67. I have been given exceedingly great and precious prom-
ises by God (2 PETER 1:4)

68. I am forgiven on the account of Jesus’ name (1 JOHN 2:12)
69. I am anointed by God (1 JOHN 2:27)
70. I will resemble Christ when He returns (1 JOHN 3:1,2)
71. I am loved (1 JOHN 4:10)
72. I am like Christ (1 JOHN 4:10)
73. I have life (1 JOHN 5:12)
74. I am born of God, & the evil one cannot touch me (1 JOHN 5:`8)
75. I have been redeemed (REV 5:9)

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