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"Make an arrow and discover the intangible truth regarding your true identity and life purpose."


"He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver" Isaiah 49:2

For every person who desires to learn their true identity and God’s purpose for their life through the making of an arrow, to have the opportunity to do so.

The Arrow

Psalm 127:4 “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children of our youth.” If the arrow is used in scripture to describe each one of us in the family(quiver) of God, we believe it makes sense to make an arrow that describes each of our lives, as designed by our heavenly Father. Each of the components of the arrow has a biblical meaning. 

The rings on the arrow represent qualities and characteristics that are specific to the one making the arrow. The arrow becomes a metaphor of your life and remains in process until you leave this world. The arrow becomes a daily reminder of who I am in Christ and not who bullies in culture say I am.

When God Calls. Will You Answer?

You can be certain, in this time of uncertainty. Will you answer the call to grow your heart and become who God created you and your family to be. To lead them upwardly and for them to know their purpose. Choose the path God has put on your heart. We thank all of you who have supported our mission. 

How to Make Arrows

Learn how to make an arrow in the comfort of your own home. Teach your children from the Bible with our Thriving Oaks Lessons. 





There are so many good things competing for our attention, time and energy that it's easy to become distracted from what's best. Thriving Oaks has become the place I retreat to when I need to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect with my Heavenly Father while in His creation. In my experience leading youth, college, and men's ministries, the teaching of the arrow as a metaphor for an individual's identity in Christ is the most unique method I have seen, and serves a constant visual reminder that Jesus has been and still is working in and through me. The time I have spent on the property has been a tremendous blessing, made all the more special since I have shared many of the experiences with my 14-year-old son. As a son of God, it is a powerful and humbling thing to intentionally pause to listen for the voice of the Creator with my son. I am thankful to God for providing Cecil and Dianne with the vision for Thriving Oaks, and for providing the means to make it possible, and I am thankful to Cecil and Dianne for their faithfulness to carrying out the calling God placed on their lives.




Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in and rely confidently on the LORD with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know and acknowledge and recognize Him, and He will make your paths straight” (AMP). Thriving Oaks ministers to the hearts of students through the overflow of Cecil’s heart to walk in obedience to the Lord. Cecil trusted God to use Him in ways he could not yet understand or see. The entire ministry expresses this kind of abandoned trust in God. After meeting with Cecil and hearing his heart for the Lord and the mission of Thriving Oaks, Community Youth Group (CYG), requested the use of Thriving Oaks. Cecil willingly partnered with us and connected with several of the leaders, parents, and students. Thriving Oaks continues to give CYG opportunities to both serve and be served by the ministry for an evening each fall. Connections made led to students, including my son attending an arrow making weekend. He and my husband attended the retreat and the arrow is a reminder to Joshua of the time spent with other men of God, hearing testimonies of faith, and being encouraged to establish his own faith as a warrior for Christ. Thank you, Cecil, for actively seeking ways the Lord will use you to glorify Him and lead others to live for His Kingdom here on earth. You are an incredible encouragement.




Our family has been incredibly blessed by the opportunity to "unplug" from technology and the noise of our culture to reconnect with our Maker and experience the glory of Gods beautiful creation. Both my husband and our oldest son have used their time at Thriving Oaks to build an arrow representing their God-given qualities and characteristics and now have them displayed prominently in our home as a reminder of who they are in Christ. For our teen son especially, Thriving Oaks continues to build in him the desire to become the Man of God he was designed to be, rather than who the world says he should be. We are eternally grateful for the ministry Cecil offers at Thriving Oaks.




The time spent at Thriving Oaks with my sons has brought us closer in our relationships, with each other and with God. From building arrows that represent our faith, to fishing, kayaking, and fellowship each of these activities have strengthened us as men, and in our faith in God.”

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"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Psalms 127:4"

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